3 Simple Steps to Lower Energy

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1) File a Letter of Authorization

The Letter of Authorization gives an Sherpa Energy, energy advisor the ability to pull the historical usage from the past 12 months at no obligation to the customer. This data is necessary to analyze one's power consumption patterns and to develop an energy strategy that is customized to the needs of their business.

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Downloading an LOA

2) Energy Usage Analysis

Once we receive your historical usage information, Sherpa Energy Services learns all we can about the way your facility uses electricity. We conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your usage pattern to develop an energy strategy that meets your operation's requirements.

3) Client Energy Proposal

The last step is the proposal. This is the end result of all the suppliers bidding on your account after the energy auction. Once an agreement is structured to meet your needs, we then will facilitate a seamless switch from your current energy supplier to your new energy supplier. Our objective is the same as yours - to obtain the most economical supply arrangement available.

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